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A project entry for InternationalLispGameExpo2010. I am not 100% sure it will succeed. (in the timeframe)

Essentially the idea is that you have humans (the 'agents') that walk around finding food and such. The agents keep track of their paths as they go, and then can later share that information to other people.

Then the player.. Uhm uh. :) I think (s)he will also be a human walking around, and is then also able to gather paths and information. Perhaps (s)he can then deviously try to direct people, or maybe there are conditions in which other people are 'followers'.

Perhaps the humans can have ideas which they can also share. For instance they figure out how to make a canoo. It would be awesome to have a kind of 'tech tree' and have this really extensive. But i think the basics might be hard enough!

The game can then be very freeform. Or one can give one or multiple players 'followers' and a goal. Maybe 'worship time' until the 'god' decides a winner. Or, with technology, whoever can make a spaceship and blast off the planet. Or make them kill each other, obviously.

An early(!) screenshot:

It uses PAL, Which has been out of development a bit(it seems), so maybe not best choice. Anyway here i discuss it a bit. Note that i don't plan on pathing :), the agents remember paths they already took, and maybe refine them by 'cutting corners' as they walk.

Uses some art found here, really useful website, btw. (As is http://www.openclipart.org/)