About me

My main skills are physics associated, but has shifted quite a bit to software. Though software is a good way to calculate through models, I definitely think i should try do theory more!

I have a Portfolio on this website.

Opinion: exclusivity

Exclusivity is principally bad. We make rules adding exclusivity in order to achieve welfare.

Particularly my focus here is on copyright and patents. Exclusivity there exists to give developers leverage by which they can extract payment. Ensuring that enough for those goods are produced.

However, i do not think this approach necessarily makes sense. For instance if you look at the wealth of open source, or the fact that many software developers have the government as client, or are selling as a service. They already have a business model, they do not need exclusivity.

Furthermore, one might consider simply funding from tax income, like public television is funded, or with some cleverer system where people vote.

Otherwise, well, i just have affinity for public goods. It just feels better if everyone-can-use. As such, i am for libre software, and hardware.


My email adress is a gmail adress under the name o.jasper. Sentient beings may contact me.

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