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Basic ray tracer
Laplace solver by Relaxation method
Basic stuff
Little dependency system
Little repl
Regular tree
2D shape system
Drawer of spherical harmonics
Numerical vectors via cl:vector

Drawer of spherical harmonics

Draws spherical harmonics, like those which are measured when measuring variations in gravity.

I applied it to spherical harmonics components of the Moon and the Earth. Nasa uses the same format for gravity information on other planets/moons, which i obtained here but i didn't bother inputting them. For the Earth i used data from ITG.


Can be installed via the spherical-harmonics. Spherical harmonics itself depends on: The test also depends on lispbuilder-sdl, and cl-opengl.


Spherical harmonics of the moon are provided. Others you'll have to find yourself. From the package :sph-h-test, if stuff is loaded you can call in paralel:
(use-file "data/moon/jgl100j1.sha")
Paralel with:

Maybe todo

  • (test)Calculation of error margins.
  • Calculating only upto certain indexes based on error margins on all of: spherical harmonics components, input, desired margin on output.
  • Tool to automatically fetch some of those spherical harmonics files, or just specify that better in readme.


For the record, i mentioned it in Reddit, cstart forums (i don't take that project too seriously, see reddit submission.)

Tarball of small projects

Came from directory: src/lisp/spherical-harmonics/

Autodocumentation of code: Spherical-harmonics, Gsl-import, Crude-draw-array, Data-array