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physible mirror: Parameteric bearing with guide

Bearing in two halves with (optional)ball guider. Balls can be bb-gun balls.

Parametric bearing

Bearing in two halves with (optional)ball guider. Balls can be bb-gun balls.

Dont risk anything on it, but seems to be able to work ‘okey’ if the loads is not too high.

How to use it

The halves currently slide over each other, the friction and lines of extrusion hold them together okey-ish but not ruggedly enough, You could glue the halves together or tape around the whole thing.

Designs of objects that use them could also hold the halves together.

Other ways to use it

The above is merely what i would currently advise, there are other ways. The Makefile separates between cases, outputting the respective files, it basically lists them if you read the file.

Filenames also exactly match openscad module names.

  • make vertslide is the above.

  • make vertslide_no_huide is the same as vertslide, except it makes version without guides.

  • make insert_halfway outputs a single model with which you have to insert balls halfway the print. Note that the hot end may collide with the balls.

  • make ringclip has two half rings and alters the bearing for them to slide over

  • Using the sources directly and having bearing largely build-in. Depends on the item if that is at all wise.


  • Find standard bearing sizes and provide them as .stl from the makefiles.
  • Preventing the inside from getting dirt in it?



Jasper den Ouden

license: GPLv3

tags: mirror, bearing, printable, bb, openscad

Development at: github.com/o-jasper/various_physibles

Releases: bearing-1.zip

last written: Mon Apr 7 01:36:15 CEST 2014

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