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physible mirror: Corner mirror stick

Mirror on a stick for looking without your head in awkward positions/in the way.

For if you’re trying to look around corners.


Careful! Glass can be sharp, and it can break and then be sharper. Avoid high forces.

  • Print one stick and three corners.

  • Clear the plastic out where the glass goes.(down to the corners) Especially the one with the stick on it.

  • Clear out the holes in the bulbous things. (So putting the wire in is easy.)

  • Put the corners on the mirror completely. Careful not to break it/cut yourself.

  • Find some wire to hold it together, i used steel wire but maybe nylon, fishing or kite wire is better.

  • Wire it together. Do not try to force the corners onto mirror in this process, less force to just put those on by hand.


Considered cdroms as mirror however the fringes thing make it hard to look through. Only good viewing if you’re looking at things brighter than your location.


At fabfabbers, thingiverse, github.(development)


Jasper den Ouden.

Jasper den Ouden

license: GPLv3

tags: mirror, stick, openscad

Development at: github.com/o-jasper/various_physibles

Releases: corner_mirror-1.zip

last written: Mon Apr 7 01:36:15 CEST 2014

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