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physible mirror: Pencil holder

Pencil holder for on reprap, allows for easy tagging of filament. (with the older filament drive style.)

Pencil holder

Clamp that holds a pencil to a tube. Made it for myself to keep my pencil from getting lost all the time aswel as having it near the filament to be able to ‘tag’ the filament so i can see its motion.

Really helps that it is tiny, it is done printing very quickly.

Hope the default sizes work out for you. I printed a version without the circles and the end where you hold the clamp. Hopefully the circles give the user more grip.

Locations: github, thingiverse.

Jasper den Ouden

license: GPLv3

tags: pencil, holder, openscad

Development at: github.com/o-jasper/various_physibles

Releases: pencil_holder-1.zip

last written: Mon Apr 7 01:36:16 CEST 2014

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