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physible mirror: Pill connector

Pill-shaped plug that compresses and plugs into two parts, connecting them together.

Expanding cylinder attachment strategy

Need to connect two parts semi-permanently? This might be the thing to use, Just substract pill_sub()(pill_sub.stl) on the two parts to connect, compress, and pop the ‘cylinder pill’(fat_pill if you want it to be tighter) in, and then pop the other part on that.

This entry contains the pill and pill_sub as development aid.


The pills need to be printed with zero infill, zero bottom and top layers, and one perimeter.(at ~0.5mm, if you lay out a particularly small perimeter, you may want more)

Pills are used on designs by substracting pill_sub halfway at places on the two parts in such a way they line up the way you want them.

The beams are not intended to hold an angle by themselves. They’re mostly an illustration on how to use them at the moment.


It is inspired on my earlier flex_hose. As opposed to that, it rotates one way as to eliminate it popping out after rotating beyond the allowed range. Use two in sequence for more motion and two in parallel to hold something.

The flex hose was hoped to be usable as an arm that you set at some location and it will stay there. There is a ‘beam’ in the files here with which i was hoping the same for. Although it is better, i do not think it succeeds.

So far i have been trying continuous rotation, maybe an approach looking for discrete rotation will do better.

Wall shape

I tried to design the walls inside to take a path maximizing how far it can decrease in size and still have a decent force to expand itself, while not having the walls attach to each other too much during print. Since i want to have the ring in the middle, and round the top and bottom the distance to the outer walls is more important than distances between inner walls.

Formalizing these requirements more, i reckon this might be something to try optimize using a computer.


Jasper den Ouden, licensed under the GPLv3

Place of development is currently github.

Released on thingiverse and fabfabbers.

Jasper den Ouden

license: GPLv3

tags: pill, connector, attachment, openscad

Development at: github.com/o-jasper/various_physibles

Releases: pill_connector-1.zip

last written: Mon Apr 7 01:36:16 CEST 2014

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