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physible : Horizontal rod (spool)holding thing

Horizontal rod holding thing

Cares about plank thickness and minimum distance from the wall. You have to provide a sufficiently long rod to stick underneath. (as usual you can use tape/file a bit)

The rod isnt in there you have to make/find own of the correct length; longer than pl-2*dx = pl - 23mm. The ‘safety pin’ isnt included either. I used another print that wasnt useful i heated a nail through.

The default one contains a logo and fancy hollowing out, this is configurable with openscad, spool_plank_plain.stl has it removed.

A release(of a slightly older version) is here.

Jasper den Ouden

license: GPLv3

tags: plank, hang, spool, openscad

Development at: github.com/o-jasper/various_physibles

Releases: spool_plank-2.zip

last written: Mon Apr 7 01:36:17 CEST 2014

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