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Assurance contract mention

Just mentioning the assurance contract(readme) i made(PoC6), it is a crowdfunder a bit like kickstarter. Such a contract goes through three stages.

  1. Creation, setting of parameters like minimum and maximum raised.
  2. People paying to it.
  3. If not funded, return funds, otherwise the project progresses. (‘manual’ refunds are possible in 2 and 3)

The point is to ensure there are enough customers/interested parties, of course.

Note that reward levels can be done with this system, but would have to be implemented otherwise. Though that implementation doesnt need to be on-blockchain, could even be promise.

Gui code

The gui is very bare-bones, and for now, tests are still rudimentary, and no static analysis to add some restraints.

Although the number of lines of code is low(448 lines), it is important to have good control over this too. Different than the earlier grudge-escrow the gui and contract interface are objects on themselves, and some code is shared too. I refrained from libraries(like react.js) in this case, for some reason none of them sparkle with me. I look at them and think, does this really help me? Perhaps i am being stubborn.

The inputs could be better than just text fields, particularly inputting times and ether amounts. The latter could include a unit. (Note: it doesnt do subcurrencies, likely people dealing in ethers dont have much reason to pay the gas cost for that.)

I like the concepts of warnings, important notes, and notes showing up that dont interfere with what you’re looking at because they’re greyer, but still provide the information. js/els.js has some stuff that helps doing that, but i think having ‘classes’ represent inputs and have those refer to elements of particular kinds will be a better approach. Said ‘classes’ need to be flexible enough to add their own context-dependent notes to things.

Also like generally things showing up/not showing up depending on the state of the form. That said, it still needs to tell what stage you are in, link to an explanation of what a crowdfunder is, and stages it goes through, and have the parameters less prominent when not intializing.

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