29 Oct 2017 More Pixel fun turtles

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## More Pixel fun turtles [More than a year since last](/blog/programs/2016/09/22/pixelfun.html) Messed with these things a bit more. Code still [here](https://github.com/o-jasper/Various/tree/master/js_pixelfun), and fuller set, and more example parameters [viewable here](/notes/pixelfun/pixelfun.html). This time i wrote simple bots that eat pixels. When they have eaten `reprod` count of non-black pixels, they reproduce. They see three pixels infront of them, and do potentially any combination of boolean operations on them, decide to go right or left. this leads to them having 7 bits of genes. 128 options, and many of those "non viable". A single gene deterministically mutates based on what happened. I thought determinism was just cute, as a (not-really)"random generator" it is bad enough that infact it could be pretty important to the behaviors you see, for instance generations may have two modes and repeat so it exactly flips one gene back and forth. Or one mode and it flips in an "irrelevant" way.(or it just suffers the penalty of a fraction nonviable offspring) I made a variant that can choose to go straight too, "tri" for three choices. And the 8dir ones have eight directions they can go.(uninspired naming) It has a bunch more parameters, including `hunger`, `pass_food`, without those specifically set,(as defaultly) the "turtles" only "die" of old age. #### Potential future stuff Might be interesting to have "plant"-like turtles, so they can continually be eaten and regrow/re-procreate. Different turtles can just be put together, though currently they share parameters.. (turn off the reset/stop previous checkboxes, though it is tricky to get anything interesting out of that) To really get alife -like stuff, need more genetic variables like via logic including data storage and "better vision". The gui could look a bunch better, and maybe could also use a "magnifying glass" kind-of thing so it is easier to look at the pixels. Could use something to fill in parameters and support non-numerical ones. On the plus side, you can already use browser features to save the image, and sets of parameters are just urls. Finally, things could be cleaned up, better documented in general.

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