Jasper den Ouden,
Geer 5, 5641RA Eindhoven
+31 06-21429283

I am an analytical person who learned that not everything fits in general models. Most things need their own considerations, and experience in dealing with them matters.

I have affinity for open source(hardware), programming, and more recently, blockchain technology.(like Ethereum) The 'simulated centralized server' that no-one controls is interesting for potentially creating economic/social systems, and thinking about such systems.


My github is


Wrote an article about Hanging blocks(HB) Implemented the Merkle tree part.

Otherwise, wrote BitVote, 'Grudge' escrow, and assurance contract ("kickstarter"), each has a HTML/CSS/JS interface and the 'back end' on th blockchain. They all have tests using pyethereum.


C, C++, Common Lisp, Julia, Python, Javascript, lua, HTML, CSS, JS, shellscript. Just mentioning to brag, if concepts are not new, languages are fairly easy to pick up.

Used libraries like for instance SDL, opengl, gtk(GUI), cairo(graphics verschillende outputs .pdf, .svg etc), ROOT(CERNs C++ libraries)

Wrote stuff like quad(/oct, Constructive solid geometry)trees, Merkle-tree small scripts, povray files for ray tracing, simple simulaties, autodocumentatie Common Lisp. Luakit 'addon' things.

Made designs with openscad printed them with reprap.


2011-2012 Master Particle Physics, unfinished
at Universiteit Utrecht
2003-2008 Bachelor Natuur & Sterrenkunde
Universiteit Utrecht
2003 Summmer course wiskunde VWO
2002-2003 HBO Propedeuse Technische Natuurkunde
Fontys Eindhoven
1997-2002HAVO Natuur & Techniek
Christiaan Huygens, Eindhoven


I speak and write english and dutch fluently.

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