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Curriculum Vitae Jasper den Ouden

Jasper den Ouden

sr.ht/~jasper, o-jasper.github.io, ojasper.nl
Currently mainly using Python, some projects;

Coded in C, C++, Common Lisp, Julia, Python, SQL, Javascript, lua, HTML, CSS, JS, shellscript.

Used libraries like for instance SDL, opengl, gtk(GUI), cairo(graphics different outputs .pdf, .svg etc), sqlite, ROOT(CERNs C++ libraries)

Wrote stuff like quad(/oct, Constructive solid geometry)trees, Merkle-tree small scripts, povray files for ray tracing, simple simulations, autodocumentatie Common Lisp, Luakit ‘addon’ things.

Made designs with openscad printed them with a reprap printer.


2019, 6 months Internship at Guardian 360, via ITvitae
2018, 6 months ITvitae, education part
2011-2012 Master Particle Physics, unfinished
at Universiteit Utrecht
2003-2008 Bachelor Natuur & Sterrenkunde
Universiteit Utrecht
2003 Summmer course wiskunde VWO
2002-2003 HBO Propedeuse Technische Natuurkunde
Fontys Eindhoven
1997-2002HAVO Natuur & Techniek
Christiaan Huygens, Eindhoven


I speak and write english and dutch fluently.

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